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Earthring Kits

LV Universal Bracket Kit

The Earthring Kits consist of the following items:

  • Shaft grounding ring with an aluminium brush holder which helps ensure that the conductive brushes are in contact with the surface of the motor shaft.
  • Four different sets of mounting brackets (4 brackets per set) which virtually ensures that the Earthring can be fitted to all IEC and NEMA frame sized motors.
  • Selection of mounting screws and washers.
HV Earthrings™

HV Universal Bracket Kit

HV Universal Bracket Kit Includes:

  • Adjustable Arm (65mm, 100mm or 120mm length)
  • 4 of 20mm x 12,5mm spacer
  • 4 of 20mm x 25mm spacer
  • 4 of 20mm x 38mm spacer
  • 4 of M8 x 35mm SHCS
  • 4 of M8 x 45mm SHCS
  • 4 of M8 x 60mm SHCS
  • 4 x Flat washers
  • 4 x Lock washers
HV Earthrings™