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Get the correct life-span out of your electric motor

Electric motor bearings are expected to last on average 50 000 hours, but bearings on VSD driven motor applications are only lasting on average 17 800 hours. Electric motors that have Earthrings™ attached are proven to get as much as 300 to 400% more life-span than motors without Earthrings™
Earthrings benefits

Benefits Of Installing Earthrings™

Motors last 3x longer. Our 5 year research and development project shows this startling result, and is therefore no surprise why most overseas companies and motor manufacturers are installing earth rings as standard on their electric motors. Increase Motor Life with a 33% reduction in breakdowns is a significant saving in any budget.

Statistics Show:

  • 90% Of motors on drives fail due to bearings.
  • 60% Of reduced bearing life is due to shaft voltages.
  • 100% Of motor manufacturers specify shaft grounding on drive motors.
Insulated bearings are not required for low voltage motors thereby saving servicing costs, as well as no waiting for availability of insulated bearings or housings, and above all; Earthrings™ can be used for the “Lifetime of the motor”.

5 Main Benefits Of Earthrings™

  1. Increases life of all electric motors on variable speed drives.
  2. No insulated bearings or housings required.
  3. Also protects driven equipment, fans, gearboxes etc.
  4. Lasts for the “Lifetime of the motor”.
  5. Lifetime warranty covers both bearings on an electric motor.
Earthrings benefits

Before Installing Earthrings™

Before Installing Earthrings™
A 150 HP Motor was tested on a VSD Drive, shaft currents were 27.2v Pk-Pk

After Installing Earthrings™

After Installing Earthrings™

A 150 HP Motor with a shaft brush & no insulated bearing fitted, has reduced shaft currents to only 1.2v Pk-Pk